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China mechanical seals O ring WMH12N consist of a donut-shaped ring (technically, a toroid) with a circular cross-section. They’re typically made of elastomers like Buna N, Neoprene, or silicone, but they also come in plastics like PTFE, metals, and other materials. Sizes range from fractions of an inch in diameter to several meters across. China mechanical seals O ring WMH12N is mainly used in fluid static applications (For example, water, oil, air, chemicals solvent, chemicals, etc.).

Product Description

WenDong is China O ring mechanical seals supplier. Although relatively cheap, our mechanical seals O ring WMH12N can withstand a significant amount of pressure. They come in a range of sizes that are usually based on three dimensions: "internal dimension" or "inside diameter" (ID), "outside dimension" or "outside diameter" (OD), and "thickness" or "cross diameter" (W or CS). O ring mechanical seals can be made from synthetic rubbers (e.g. fluoropolymer rubbers and nitrile rubbers) or thermoplastics.

Advantages of Mechanical Seals O Ring WMH12N

· Especially designed for solids containing and highly viscous media

· Springs are protected from the product

· Rugged and reliable design

· No damage of the shaft by dynamically loaded O-Ring

· Universal application

· Variant for operation under vacuum available

· Variants for sterile operation available

Application of Mechanical Seals O Ring WMH12N

O-ring is mainly used in the fluid static application (For example, water, oil, air, chemicals solvent, chemicals, etc.). The temperature range is from -60 ℃ up to 220 ℃. The pressure in the static application should be less than 20MPa, which varies with different materials. Sometimes O-ring is used in the dynamic application with the pressure less than 5MPa and also used in a semi-conductor vacuum seal.

Performance Capabilities of O Ring Mechanical Seals WMH12N

Pressure: ≤ 1MPa

Speed: ≤ 10m/s

Temperature: -20℃ ~+180℃    

Combined Materials of O Ring Mechanical Seals WMH12N

● Rotary Ring ( Carbon/Sic/tc)

● Stationary Ring (Ceramic/Sic/Tc)

● Secondary Seal(nbr/Epdm/VITON)

● Spring & Other Parts(Sus304/Sus316)



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