High Pressure Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seal WMFBD

The high-pressure rubber bellows mechanical seal WMFBD is a compact single spring rubber bellow mechanical seals for universal general purpose for water/water-based solutions like oils, fuels and other fluids and even with some content with abrasive and for a very wide operating condition designed for a centrifugal pump. All high-pressure rubber bellows mechanical seal WMFBD features static sealing on the shaft that cannot cause shaft wear or fret.

Product Description

The rubber bellows seal is one of the common base components in the sealing device and plays an important role in the leaking and sealing. It is composed of one or a few parts of the annular cover, fixed to the bearing ring or washer, and contact with another ring or washer or form a labyrinth of the narrow gap and prevent the lubricating oil leakage and outside intrusion. Because rubber has precious elastic polymer material and a wide temperature range. A little stress in different mediums can produce large deformation. Then the deformation can provide contact pressure and leakage clearance compensation to achieve the purpose of sealing. Rubber seal suppliers devote to providing all kinds of rubber bellows seals which are applied to mechanical equipment, in the specified temperature, pressure, and different liquids and gases, to achieve the sealing effect in the static or moving state.

Performance Capabilities of High Pressure Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seal WMFBD

Pressure: ≤ 1MPa

Speed: ≤ 12m/s

Temperature: -30℃ ~+200℃

Combined Materials of High Pressure Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seal WMFBD 

● Stationary Ring (Ceramic/Sic/tc)

● Rotary Ring ( Carbon/Sic/tc)

● Secondary Seal(nbr/Epdm/VITON)

● Spring & Punched Parts(Steel)



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