Industrial Pump Seals WM K

Being the recognized name in the industry, Wendong brings forth the appealing array of Industrial Pump Seals WM K that is delivered with unique patterns and ensures exclusive looks. Features in single coil and inbuilt spring, Industrial Pump Seals WM K is safety, ease in installation, and strong generality. It applies to various automotive cooling pumps, water pumps, and a similar mechanical rotary axis. Water Pump seals are designed for use in small centrifugal water pumps, deep and shallow well jet pumps, swimming pool pumps, submersible pumps, and wastewater pumps.

Product Description

A mechanical water seal is simply a method of containing fluid within a vessel (typically pumps, mixers, etc.) where a rotating shaft passes through a stationary housing or occasionally, where the housing rotates around the shaft. A wide variety of seal types are available for any number of applications. The type of seal most commonly used in sewage pumps is an Industrial Pump Seals WM K. As water, oil, or fluid pump operates, the liquid can leak out if not properly sealed. Industrial Pump Seals WM K minimizes this problem: the sealing element closes the gap between the rotating shaft and the pump casing, which reduces or even eradicates leakage. Depending on your system, choose from mechanical seal pumps, water pump shaft seals, rotary shaft seals, and pump seal replacements. You can also shop for pipes, valves, and fittings to complete your system.

Application of China Industrial Pump Seals WM K

-Corrosive environments

-Chemical pumps

-Steam joints

-Freshwater pump

-Sewage pumps

-Submerged pumps

-Process pumps in refineries

-Cold and hot water pumps

-Seals for agitators and mixers

-Temperatures above 400 deg F

-Cryogenic applications

-Air Conditions

-High-Speed Turbine Compressors

-Water turbines

Operating Limits of Industrial Pump Seals WM K

Pressure: ≤0.1MPa

Rotary Speed: ≤ 5000r/min

Temperature:  -30℃ ~+150℃  

Medium:Clean water,seawater,

gas engine antifreeze

Combined Materials of Industrial Pump Seals WM K

● Rotary Ring ( Free-cutting lron )  with PA66 impeller

● Stationary Ring(Plastic Carbon/Carbon/SiC) 

● Secondary Seal(nbr/Epdm/Hnbr/VITON)

● Spring(Sus304/Sus316/65Mn)

● Other Parts(Sus304/Sus316/Q235-A)

WM K-650

WM K-800

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