Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW

Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW is a compact, single-spring, elastomer bellows mechanical seals. Our Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW are made of outstanding, high-performance materials and provide the ideal solution to modern cooling systems. Water Pump seals are designed for use in small centrifugal water pumps, deep and shallow well jet pumps, swimming pool pumps, submersible pumps, and wastewater pumps.

Product Description

Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW are manufactured by full automated assembling lines at our global production sites and have high market share worldwide specifically in the category of seals for automotive water pumps. These seals are also suitable for industrial pumps. Because mechanical seal failures are the number one cause of pump downtime, uses only top of the line materials when it comes to manufacturing this critical seals. most pump shafts were sealed using rings of soft packing, compressed by a packing gland, but this type of shaft seal required a fair amount of leakage just to lubricate the packing and keep it cool. Supported by our experience of the industry, Wendong, famous pump seal manufacturers in China, has been able to manufacture, supply, trade, and export a qualitative range of Water Pump Mechanical Seal used in various industries.

The Main Feature of Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW

1. Low friction resistance, no creeping when it starts, no vicious phenomenon.

2. The good sealing effect in dynamic and static sealing.

3. The good sealing effect even in non-lubrication conditions with good abrasion resistance.

4. High-pressure resistant, good adaptability, good compressive strength.

5. With good chemical corrosion resistance and different material options for 0-rings, Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW almost can work in all mediums.

6. With a special structure, Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW has good oil return property.

7. Simple groove structure and easy installation.

Operating Limits of Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW

Pressure: ≤0.3MPa

Rotary Speed: ≤ 9000r/min

Temperature:  -30℃ ~+150℃  

Medium:Clean water,seawater,

gas engine antifreeze

Combined Materials of Mechanical Shaft Seals for Pumps WM FBW

● Rotary Ring(Ceramic/SiC)

● Stationary Ring (Plastic Carbon/ Carbon/Sic)

● Spring (65Mn/Sus304/Sus316)

● Axial Pipe(Sus304/Sus316)

● Secondary Seal(Sus304/Sus316)

● Bellows (nbr/EPDM/HNBR/viton)


WM FBW-800

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