Metal Bellow Seals WM785

China Metal Bellow Seals WM785 are ideal for high-temperature applications and harsh chemical services where elastomers cannot be used effectively. This custom mechanical seal type incorporates metal bellows as a spring-loading mechanism to maintain face contact when the seal is not pressurized and eliminates traditional secondary sealing requirements.

Product Description

WenDong is famous China metal bellow seal distributor. The custom mechanical seal - metal bellow seals WM785 is available in low- and high-temperature designs and a dry-running seal for emission containment and safety/backup that successfully controls VOC (volatile organic compounds) and VHAP (volatile hazardous air pollutant) emissions. 

The Metal Bellow Seals WM785 provides an economical alternative to dual seals with liquid barrier systems. As a self-contained cartridge, the outer Metal Bellow Seals WM785 is used with either a rotating or stationary primary seal and will successfully contain any nominal leakage from the primary seal. The seal also acts as a backup providing and additional level of safety during process or system upsets. The major advantage of using a Metal Bellow Seals WM785 is the removal of a semi-dynamic sliding elastomer from a conventional pusher type mechanical seal. This removes the potential for mechanical seal hang-up or shaft/sleeve fretting. 

The benefits of the China Metal Bellow Seals WM785

● Flush port versatility

● Corrosion-resistant Alloy-20 or Alloy C-276 bellows 

● Availability with hard faces for abrasive media

● The unique design that minimizes the number of O-rings

● Enlarged seal chamber version available 

● Self-centering, slide-on-and-tighten cartridge design for fast and easy installation

Features of China Metal Bellow Seals WM785

● API 682 Category 2 and 3, Type C, Arrangement 3 seal

● Dual seal in a face-to-face arrangement

● Balanced

● Cartridge unit

● Stationary metal bellows

● Shrink fitted seal rings and solid mating rings

The Advantages of China Metal Bellow Seals WM785

● No dynamic o-ring eliminating the possibility of hang-ups or shaft wear.

● Hydraulically balanced metal bellows allow the seal to handle more pressure without heat build-up.

● Self Cleaning. Centrifugal force throws solids away from the seal face.

● The trim design allows fitting into tight seal boxes

● Even face loading

● No Springs to clog

Performance Capabilities of Metal Bellow Seals WM785

Pressure: ≤2.0Pa

Speed: ≤ 23m/s

Temperature:  -20℃ ~+200℃    

Combined Materials of Metal Bellow Seals WM785

● Stationary Ring (Sic/TC)

● Rotary Ring (Carbon/Sic/tc)

● Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/Viton)

● Bellow(AM350/Lncone17180)

● Metal Parts(Stainless Steel304,316)



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