Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780

In applications where the process temperature exceeds elastomer capabilities, China Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780 are a good sealing option. The China Metal Bellows Single Seal is designed for high-temperature services typically found in chemical and petrochemical processes. Graphite secondary seals replace O-Rings to achieve higher temperature requirements. Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780 have various benefits and applications.

Product Description

Wendong China Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780 adapts easily to most media, as key markets include chemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, food processing, and power generation. The metal bellows design allows for higher flow rates and less clogging than traditional spring seals. Bellows technology creates a uniform outside wall for uniform movement under hydraulic pressure.  With precision stamping and proprietary welding techniques, Wendong - professional metal bellow seal manufacturer manufactures its metal bellows mechanical seals within tight tolerances.  

Features of China Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780

● Hydraulically balanced design

● Stationary bellows design – maximizes face alignment

● Shrouded rotary seal ring for maximum face protection and reliable start-up

● No dynamic elastomers

● Only two static O-rings – cost savings are substantial when perfluorelastomer are required

● Uniform 360° transfer of torque to the primary rotating face

● No pins to break or hang up

● Fits ANSI standard and big bore pumps

●Faces, metallurgies, and elastomers are easily upgradeable

Advantages of China Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780

● Very compact design.

● Suitable for higher speeds.

● Good followability due to no influence from run-out, squareness or vibration of the shaft.

● Low heat generation and power consumption due to narrow seal .face width.

● Longer seal life.

● Also available in the double-ply design.

● Suited for applications with extremely high and low temperatures.

● Absence of dynamic O-Ring eliminates/reduces seal face hang-up

● Bellows design minimizes variation in face load due to shaft expansion or face wear.

● Resistant to abrasive particles in the medium, no shaft or sleeve fretting.

Performance Capabilities of China Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780

Pressure: ≤2.0Pa

Speed: ≤ 23m/s

Temperature:  -20℃ ~+200℃    

Combined Materials of China Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780

● Stationary Ring (Sic/TC)

● Rotary Ring (Carbon/Sic/tc)

● Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/Viton)

● Bellow(AM350/Lncone17180)

● Metal Parts(Stainless Steel304,316)



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