O Ring Mechanical Seals WM1527

Best O Ring Mechanical Seals WM1527 is one of the most common seals used in machine design because they are inexpensive, easy to make, reliable, and have simple mounting requirements. They have been tested to seal up to 5000 psi (35 megapascals) of pressure. The maximum recommended pressure of an O-ring seal depends on the seal hardness and gland clearance.

Product Description

Best O ring mechanical seals WM1527 does not only serve as seals for liquid-carrying machines but can also be used to seal oils and fuels. 

The rubber materials used in best O ring mechanical seals WM1527 have high resistance to heat and are self-extinguishing, making them useful in a wide variety of machine production industries. 

Some O-ring materials are also chemically safe for food and drugs, making them the primary seal gaskets used in food factories. Our experts can give you the full list of o ring mechanical seals we have in stock. Contact us right away!

Features of Best O Ring Mechanical Seals WM1527

Complies with DIN24960

Equivalent to John Crane type 59U seal

For plain shaft

Shaft diameter from 25mm to 100mm

Certificate: ISO9001

Good quality and competitive price

Materials of Best O Ring Mechanical Seals WM1527

Rotating face: silicon carbide, graphite, tungsten carbide.

Stationary face: silicon carbide, tungsten carbide

Secondary seal: Viton,NBR,EPDM,PTFE,etc.

Spring and Metal parts:SS304,316,316L,HAST.C

Performance Capabilities of Best O Ring Mechanical Seals WM1527

Pressure: ≤ 1.0MPa

Speed: ≤ 10m/s

Temperature: -20℃ ~+180℃    

Combined Materials of Best O Ring Mechanical Seals WM1527

● Stationary Ring (Ceramic/SiC/TC)

● Rotary Ring ( Carbon/SiC/TC)

● Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/Viton)

● Spring and Punched Parts(Steel)



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