OEM Mechanical Seal WM780

China OEM mechanical seal can eliminate O-rings to increase compatibility and reduce potential leak paths. Edge welded bellows technology allows for a variety of materials including stainless steel, Inconel, and Hastelloy. With these options, various liquids and gases can be measured as well as extreme temperatures.

Product Description

China OEM mechanical seal is an integral part of maintaining your machinery and pumps. It is important to stock replacement parts for pump seals on-site in order to minimize downtime. Wendong offers replacement seals for a full array of compressors, mixers, pumps, and other rotating equipment. 

Features of China OEM Mechanical Seal WM780

1) Heat shock stability

2) chemical corrosion-resistant

3) High temper-endure(up to 1650°)

4) Wearing/corrosion/oxidation resistant

5) Highly performance of mechanical strength

6) Cleaning or etching the hardest sub-surfaces

7) Used for grinding, lapping, and wire saw cutting as well as abrasive blasting

Performance Capabilities of Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780

Pressure: ≤2.0Pa

Speed: ≤ 23m/s

Temperature:  -20℃ ~+200℃    

Combined Materials of Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals WM780

● Stationary Ring (Sic/TC)

● Rotary Ring (Carbon/Sic/tc)

● Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/Viton)

● Bellow(AM350/Lncone17180)

● Metal Parts(Stainless Steel304,316)



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