OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-2

All designs of OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-2 have been created with a focus to remove common issues and failure causes, increase ease of fitting and deliver ultimate performance through use of high quality and carefully chosen materials. We carry stock of most OEM seals, delivery time usually less than 1 week. Wendong's OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-2 can be used as pump mechanical replacement seals for Grundfos, Alfa Laval, APV and EMU pumps.

Product Description

Our OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-2 can replace the original seals.  The main objective of Wendong's OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-2 is reaching optimum quality in his production and offering customized solutions’ to the client’s problems, always seeking the best quality, with great reliability and high resistance. We are also particularly attentive on reducing energy consumption and lowering operation costs, focusing on the respect of the environment.

Choosing Wendong’s OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-2, you will obtain some advantages: for example, if we are talking about sealing solutions for the chemical sector, you will benefit from  resistance to abrasion and chemical aggression, resistance to extreme temperatures, long life, great reliability, easiness of reparation, double seals with barrier sealing water.

Operating Limits of OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-2

Pressure: ≤2.5Pa

Speed: ≤ 25m/s

Temperature:  -30℃ ~+200℃  

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