OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-5

The OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-5 is ideal for use in centrifugal, rotary and turbine pumps, compressors, chillers and other rotary shaft equipment. It is also commonly used by the wastewater and water systems industries for applications such as waste treatment, potable water and HVAC. OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-5 can automatic adjustment compensates for abnormal shaft-end play, run-out, primary ring wear and equipment tolerances. OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-5 is widely used and highly reliable in food, drink, petroleum, chemistry, refinery, paper making, pharmacy, power and auto industry etc.

Product Description

OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-5 which are availble in a wide varietyh of elastomers for handing practically every industril fluid. All components are held togther by a snap ring in a unized construction design and can be repaired easily on-site. its range involves in: industrial pump mechanical seal, mixer and agitator seal, cartridge seal, metal bellows seal, auto cooling pump seal and suto air-condition compressor lip seal. Moreover, we could manufacture seals according to your sample or drawing, and design as your request. As a professional mechanical shaft seal manufacturers, Wendong produces advanced designer OEM machanical seal for industrial pump.

Applications of OEM Mechanical Seal WMXE

• Dairy industries&Beverages 

• Food processing plant&Water treatment plants 

• Pharmaceutical industries&Chemical processing 

• Sugar & confectionery 

• Bottling plants&Distillery 

• Colors dies & pigments / paints 

• Descaling application 

• Hot & cold water pumping 

• Sparkling filter press

Operating Limits of OEM Mechanical Seal WMGLF-5

Pressure: ≤1.2Pa

Speed: ≤ 15m/s

Temperature:  -20℃ ~+180℃  

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