OEM Mechanical Seal WMX

The OEM Mechanical Seal WMX has been created to provide distributors the ability to support market demands for the maintenance and repair of OEM pumps, compressors and rotary equipment. All designs of OEM Mechanical Seal WMX have been created with a focus to remove common issues and failure causes, increase ease of fitting and deliver ultimate performance through use of high quality and carefully chosen materials. We carry stock of most OEM seals, delivery time usually less than 1 week.

Product Description

OEM Mechanical Seal WMX is for  Flygt Pump 2201-10, 2201-320, 2201-430, 2201-480,2201-590, 2201-690, 2201-11.3140, 3152, 4650, 4660. Our OEM Mechanical Seal WMX can replace the original seals. It is ideal with high or pulsing counterpressure or with viscous or sticky fluids. OEM Mechanical Seal WMX is primarily used in  in Clean water,sewage water,oil and other moderately  corrosive fluids etc. Wendong, as famous mechanical shaft seal suppliers in China, offers factory price, high quality, fast delivery and best sevice.

Operating Limits of OEM Mechanical Seal WMX

Pressure: ≤1.0Pa

Speed: ≤ 5m/s

Temperature:  -30℃ ~+200℃    

Combined Materials of OEM Mechanical Seal WMX

● Stationary Ring (SiC/TC)

● O-Ring (NBR/Epdm/Viton)

● Spring (Sus304/Sus316)

● Tension Spring(SUS321)

● Stationary Seat (Sus304/Sus316)

● Spring Cover (Bakelite/Alumina)

● Retainer (Bakelite/Alumina)



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