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Rubber bellows mechanical seal is also called rubber elastomer mechanical seals. Due to its compact design, it can be easily mounted. Rubber bellows seal has a unique rubber bellow secondary seal, which provides a high degree of axial flexibility to compensate for lack of concentric of the shaft misalignment wear due to thrust movement of the shaft. The seal can be used regardless of the direction of rotation since the driving torque is not transmitted through the coil spring, The required driving torque is enhanced through the unique rubber bellow which fits on the shaft. There are no bonded Joints and all the face materials are interchangeable without having to modify any dimensions.


China rubber bellows mechanical seal is used for plain shafts, these are single coil Unbalanced seals having elastomer bellows and are Independent of direction of rotation. Rubber provides the secondary seal between each seal face and adjacent seal face. One seal face is fixed and seals statically using an o-ring or cup gasket. The other is spring-loaded and requires a semi-dynamic seal to accommodate some axial play, such as a dynamic o-ring in pusher-type mechanical seal face seals or elastomeric bellows in non-pusher ones. The semi-dynamic applications (involving flexing and sliding of the elastomer) can be critical for maintaining proper contact between the faces through face friction, shaft movements, etc.


Wendong, as China best mechanical seal sipplier, provides high-quality rubber bellows mechanical seal with self-aligning features which help in compensating the abnormal shaft and run-out to provide long service life. Rubber bellow seal developed with rubber bellow is mainly used for water, oils, paint & ink, pulp & paper industries, and light duties applications.  


Advantages of Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seal

1. To absorb both breakout and running torque, the seal is designed with a drive band and drive notches that eliminate overstressing of bellows. Slippage is eliminated, protecting the shaft and sleeve from wear and scoring.

2. Most designs are being sited next to the shaft shoulder, or linked to the shoulder cast right into the impeller. It is therefore easily pushed on to the shoulder.

3. Automatic adjustment compensates for abnormal shaft-end play, run-out, primary ring wear and equipment tolerances. Uniform spring pressure compensates for axial and radial shaft movement.

4. There are seldom any measurements to make or set screws to tighten to the shaft, which is easy to install.

5. Non-clogging, single-coil spring allows for greater dependability than multiple spring designs. Will not run foul due to fluid contact.

6. Special balancing accommodates higher-pressure applications, greater operating speeds and lower wear.

7. Low drive torque improves performance and reliability.

8. Low cost as it is produced in large mass around the world.


China Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seal Application

● Process industry

● Oil and gas industry

● Refining technology

● Sewage applications

● Pharmaceutical industry

● Pulp and paper industry

● Building services industry

● Food and beverage industry

● Metal production and processing

● Hot & cold-water pumps


WenDong specializes in produce mechanical seals and custom mechanical seals solutions. By utilizing our extensive expertise, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge.

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