Standard Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seal: Features and Applications

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For shaft-sealed centrifugal pumps, the mechanical seal is an important component in the whole structure. Choosing the wrong mechanical seal or using it improperly not only directly affects the long-term safe and stable operation of the pump set, but also poses a threat to corporate property, employees' safety and the environment. In this article, we are going to introduce the standard rubber bellow mechanical seal.

The features of the standard rubber bellow mechanical seal

The standard rubber bellow mechanical seal consists of a metal o-ring and a spring.All the standard rubber bellow mechanical seals are dynamic seals, which can prevent dirt from collecting. The metal bellows can use the spring to close the sliding surface. The metal bellow mechanical seal if made from proper materials can be resistant to low and high temperatures.The common metal bellows are pressed and welded bellows. The pressed bellows is made by a hydraulic compression mould. The weld bellows are made by welding two rings together. 


The standard rubber bellow mechanical seals have a wide range of applications. They can work well in many ordinary and stringent conditions from low temperatures to high temperatures, from neutral media to corrosive media, from low-speed operations to high-speed operations.  Rubber bellows, s-shaped bellows, plastic bellows and metal bellows are very common. Rubber bellows and s-shaped bellow are often used as auxiliary seals, providing low-load mechanical seals. Plastic bellows are often used as auxiliary seals to seal strong corrosive media.  Metal bellows are used as as auxiliary seals and as elastic elements to provide mechanical seals for high- and low-temperature media.

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