Water Pump Water Seal WM FG

In every pump, the mechanical seal is one of the most important components. Water Pump Water Seal WM FG features single coil spring, rubber bellows structure, durability, and stability. The Water Pump Water Seal WM FG is widely applied to various centrifugal pumps, water pumps, and similar mechanical rotary axis. To enable your water pumps to operate at their best, Wendong offers low-wear mechanical seals that have been developed in-house for different pump type series. Water Pump Water Seal WM FG is the best!

Product Description

A Water Pump Water Seal WM FG is a very effective device. Every centrifugal pump must accommodate a spinning shaft while mechanically maintaining fluid or gas contained in the “wet end” of the pump. Water Pump Water Seal WM FG consists primarily of a rotary seal face with a driving mechanism which rotates at the same speed as the pump shaft, a stationary seal face which mates with the rotary and is retained using a gland or in some pump models an integral stuffing box cover, a tension assembly (utilizing springs or metal bellows) keeps the rotary face firmly positioned against the stationary face preventing, excluding, and containing contamination and leakage, both when the pump is not in operation and when the pump shaft is rotating. Static sealing gaskets, rings, or elastomeric bellows are strategically located to complete the seal assembly.

Water Pump Water Seal WM FG Installation Tips

Water Pump Water Seal WM FG is precise, sensitive, and temperamental instruments. Even seemingly minor mishandling can negate the seal’s functionality. Therefore, Wendong highly recommends leaving the mounting and installation of mechanical water seals to qualified technicians. Should you want to handle the mechanical seal yourself, there are several important factors to keep in mind.

Before you actually handle your mechanical seal, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Because the faces are meant to be extremely flat, even small particles from the oil of human hands can damage the surface integrity of the faces and render the seal useless. Make sure to wipe the seal itself with an alcohol solution, in case another person touched the seal faces during the packing or shipping process.

The following is a basic guide to replacing a defective mechanical seal. Each seal should come with its own specific instructions, but this is overview covers the most essential parts of the mounting process.

1. Disassemble the pump cavity to expose the old defective seal.

2. Carefully remove the old seal head, taking care not to scratch the motor shaft. Take note of how the seal was mounted; the new seal will be mounted in the same manner.

3. Clean shaft and attendant surfaces with an emory cloth.

4. Lubricate the shaft with grease.

5. Slide seal along the shaft and press it firmly into place.

6. Clean the faces with solvent and dust-free paper. Add a few drops to the seal before reassembling the pump.

Operating Limits of Water Pump Water Seal WM FG

Pressure: ≤0.3MPa

Rotary Speed: ≤ 4800r/min

Temperature:  -30℃ ~+150℃  

Medium:Clean water,seawater,

gas engine antifreeze

Combined Materials of Water Pump Water Seal WM FG

● Rotary Ring(Ceramic/SiC)

● Stationary Ring (Plastic Carbon/ Carbon/Sic)

● Spring (Sus304/Sus316)

● Stationary Seat(Sus304/Sus316/Red Cooper)

● Bellows (nbr/EPDM/HNBR/viton/)

● Cup Gaset(nbr/EPDM/HNBR/viton/)

WM FG-650

WM FG-800

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