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Mechanical seal is a device used to solve the seal between the rotating shaft and the body. It is composed of at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation under the action of the fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the auxiliary seal to keep and slide relative to form a device to prevent fluid leakage. It is often used in pumps and compressors, rotary fluid machinery such as mechanical seal stirring tanks for reaction pumps, and also used to seal gearboxes, valves, rotary joints, and ship stern shafts.


Features of mechanical pump seals

1. High-efficiency and energy-saving of pump mechanical seal. CFD is used to calculate fluid dynamics. The relationship between pressure distribution and speed distribution in the pump is analyzed and calculated. And the flow channel design of the pump is optimized to ensure that the pump has an efficient hydraulic profile and improves the efficiency of the pump.

2. The mechanical seal of the water pump runs smoothly, safe and reliable. The motor and the water pump are directly connected coaxially, with high concentricity, stable operation, safety, and reliability.

Water pump mechanical seal

3. Water pump mechanical seal stainless steel shaft sleeve. The mechanical seal of the shaft is relatively easy to be corroded. Once the direct-coupled pump shaft is corroded, it is easy to cause the mechanical seal to fail. The water pump uses a stainless steel shaft sleeve to avoid corrosion, improve shaft life, and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

4. Water pump mechanical seal bearing. The bearing in the motor equipped with the pump is an evenly closed bearing. During normal use, the maintenance and maintenance of the motor bearing are free.

5. Mechanical seal of water pump is made of stainless steel silicon carbide, fluorine rubber mechanical sealant, and other materials. It has advantages of balanced high temperature and high-pressure resistance, long operating life, no leakage, no wear to the shaft, no scale accumulation, and a clean working environment.


Four functions of pump mechanical seal


1. Improve machine efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

① Reduce the internal leakage, external leakage and penetration of the machine, and improve the volumetric efficiency of the machine. For example, Daqing Oil Refinery changed the impeller mouth ring of the coking CYZ-A self-priming centrifugal oil pump to a mechanical seal, which increased the pump efficiency by 3.6%-5.6%.

② Reduce friction loss and improve the mechanical efficiency of the machine. For example, the dual mechanical seal is changed to a single mechanical seal, and the unbalanced type is changed to a balanced type. Reducing the seal can reduce friction loss and improve mechanical efficiency.

③ Change the sealing method to improve the efficiency of the machine or unit. For example, change the canned motor pump to a mechanically sealed pump to improve the efficiency of the motor. Use magnetic drive pump to improve machine efficiency.

④ Change the auxiliary system to reduce energy consumption and improve unit efficiency. For example, the hot oil pump self-washing is changed to small impeller cycle washing, and the double mechanical seal is changed to single mechanical seal, which saves the energy consumption of the oil sealing auxiliary system.


2. Save raw materials. For example, process fluid recovery, reduce or eliminate the loss of power steam and process fluid, reduce oil sealing loss, etc.


3. Improve machine reliability. For example, the leakage and life of the shaft seal determine the reliability of the shaft seal and the machine.


pump mechanical seals

4. Safety and environmental protection. According to a survey report of a Japanese factory, of the 786 accidents that occurred, 32 were caused by leakage (42%). In addition, process fluid leakage can also cause environmental pollution, including air pollution, water pollution, and workshop environment pollution.


Water pump sealing technology is the decisive technology. For example, the US Space Shuttle Challenge fell due to a sealing accident; the circulating pump of the nuclear power plant was changed from a shaft seal pump to a shaft seal pump for safety and reliability. After the improvement of the mechanical seal, due to its reliable operation, the pump without shaft seal was changed back to the pump with shaft seal.

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