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  • Brief Introduction of Mechanical Seal Structure and Analysis of Leakage Path


    The mechanical seal is a combined mechanism composed of a series of simple design elements. The sealing function is completed by two main sealing rings with flat surfaces to prevent leakage. One of the sealing rings rotates with the shaft, and the other sealing ring is fixed on the housing. In order Read More

  • Installation and Use Requirements of Mechanical Seal


    1. Mechanical seal requirements for machine accuracy (take mechanical seal for pump as an example)(1) The maximum radial runout tolerance of the shaft (or sleeve) where the mechanical seal is installed does not exceed 0.04~0.06MM.(2) The axial movement of the rotor does not exceed 0.3MM.(3) The maxi Read More

  • The Common Sense of Anti-corrosion of Mechanical Seal


    For mechanical seals, its layout method, working environment and conditions are different and the degree of corrosion damage is also different. The common damage methods of mechanical seals such as PTFE seals and PTFE gaskets are mainly corrosion. Damage, thermal damage, and mechanical damage.1. Met Read More

  • Precautions for Disassembly and Assembly of Mechanical Seal


    A mechanical seal refers to a device that prevents fluid leakage by keeping at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the cooperation of the auxiliary seal to preve Read More

  • The Difference between Hydraulic Seals and Mechanical Seals


    Definition1. Mechanical sealMechanical seals are one of the basic mechanical components with precision and complex structure and are key components of various pumps, reaction synthesis kettles, turbo compressors, submersible motors, and other equipment. Its sealing performance and service life depen Read More


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