The Common Sense of Anti-corrosion of Mechanical Seal

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For mechanical seals, its layout method, working environment and conditions are different and the degree of corrosion damage is also different. The common damage methods of mechanical seals such as PTFE seals and PTFE gaskets are mainly corrosion. Damage, thermal damage, and mechanical damage.

1. Metal ring corrosion

1. The surface is uniformly corroded. If the surface of the metal ring contacts the corrosive medium, and the metal itself is not resistant to corrosion, surface corrosion will occur. The phenomenon is leakage, early wear, damage, and noise.

2. Stress corrosion cracking. Under the action of corrosion and tensile stress, the metal is equipped with a mechanical seal with abrasion resistance. The corrosion of the filled F4 ring mainly refers to the selective corrosion, dissolution, or disintegration damage of the filling.

2. Non-metallic ring corrosion

1. Corrosion of graphite ring: The impermeable graphite ring impregnated with resin has several reasons for its corrosion: one is when the end surface is overheated, and the other is improper selection of impregnated resin.

2. Corrosion of the sealing ring of polytetrafluoroethylene (tetrafluoroethylene gasket): chemical changes will occur in the medium, which will also reduce the wear resistance; third, the depth of resin impregnation is not possible. When the impregnated layer is worn away, the wear resistance decline.

3. Oxidation of graphite ring: In an oxidizing medium, when the end face is in dry contact or poor cooling, a temperature of 350-400 ℃ can cause the graphite ring to react with oxygen, generate CO and gas, and make the end face rough. Even split. Non-metallic rings will also split under the action of chemical media and stress.


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