The Double Mechanical Seal Drawing

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The double end face mechanical seal has two end face seals. If the primary seal fails, the secondary seal can still seal to prevent leakage. Compared with single mechanical seal, double acting mechanical seal has better sealing performance. It is suitable for the sealing of strong corrosion, high temperature, suspended particles and fiber media, gas media, flammable, explosive, volatile low viscosity media, and high vacuum conditions. In this article, we mainly introduce the double mechanical seal drawing and our corresponding product models.

Double acting mechanical seal WM5ED

Double acting mechanical seal drawing-1

 Double acting mechanical seal drawing-2

Double mechanical seals WM202


Double mechanical seals drawing-1

Double mechanical seals drawing-2

Double cartridge mechanical seal WM208

Double cartridge mechanical seal drawing-1

Double cartridge mechanical seal drawing-2

Dual mechanical seal WM560D


Dual mechanical seal drawing-1

Dual mechanical seal drawing-2

A double or dual mechanical seal consists of two independent seals mounted within a seal chamber outside the pump, which is flushed with an independent supply. As top 10 mechanical shaft seal manufacturers in China, wen dong double acting mechanical seal has high-quality and afforable price.


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