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The water pump is the heart of the automotive cooling system, typically a belt-driven centrifugal pump. Our Auto Cooling Pump Seals are specifically designed for this application. The pump circulates coolant throughout the system while the engine is running. If the belt fails, the water pump will not function. 

With regard to the automotive sector, Auto Cooling Pump Seals are produced to be inserted inside the cooling pump of the vehicle motor. For this reason, it is fundamental that the isolation regime of the Auto Cooling Pump Seals is at its highest level to allow the correct operation of the cooling pump for a motor vehicle. Furthermore, it is very important that the Auto Cooling Pump Seals can guarantee prolonged isolation, to avoid malfunctions that could have repercussions on the efficiency of the motor vehicle. 

For all these reasons, the Wen dong mechanical seals factory as op10 water pump seals suppliers and pump seal manufacturers in China has studied a special type of Auto Cooling Pump Seals used in the automotive sector.

Characterized by its long life, high reliability and silent pump, the "automotive" Auto Cooling Pump Seals are produced with a particular combination of materials that have undergone lengthy preliminary studies. Even the seal rings are produced inside our production facilities following strict technical-qualitative procedures and appropriate specifications.

As top10 water pump seals suppliers and pump seal manufacturers in China, Wen dong mechanical seals factory provides the global automotive and supplier industries with products that guarantee maximum strength and durability with minimum friction. 

As a technology leader for Auto Cooling Pump Seals, Wen dong mechanical seals factory focuses on uncompromising quality and permanent innovation with its Auto Cooling Pump Seals. And we will constantly set new standards in the area of mechanical seals, and opening up new opportunities for customers to develop their own products.

Advantages of Auto Cooling Pump Seals:

● No leakage in the pump

● Less frictional losses

● The construction of the pump is simple

● Almost no noise

● Minimum wear as compared to others

Auto Cooling Pump Seals Application:

● Internal-combustion engine cooling pump piping pump, oil, and other low corrosion mediums

● Automotive

● Fluid Power

● Hydraulic Cylinders

● Pneumatic Cylinders

● Valves and Pumps

● Instrumentation

● Electronics

● Hydraulic Fittings

● Earthmoving & Construction Equipment

● Power Generation

● Filtration

● Plumbing Products

● Petrochemicals

● Pharmaceuticals

● Dairy/Food Processing

● Chemicals & Fertilizer Plants


WenDong specializes in produce mechanical seals and custom mechanical seals solutions. By utilizing our extensive expertise, we can provide a complete solution to your challenge.

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