• What are the Benefits of A Rubber Bellows Seal?


    When it comes to ensuring the right fit in various industries, rubber bellow mechanical seals are one of the most popular choices. Many industries from automotive to aerospace to medicine use rubber seals to create a tight connection. If you are also thinking of using the rubber bellow seal, you are Read More

  • 15+ China Best Water Pump Mechanical Seal Manufacturers & How to Find Them [2021]


    Introduce the gathering place of Chinese mechanical seal manufacturers, and the 15 most famous mechanical seal manufacturers in China. Read More

  • Double Mechanical Seal Barrier Fluids and How They Work


    Dual mechanical seals are used in the process of electrical engineering. They are an essential component of any machine since the mechanical seal prevents the fluid from leaking from inside the machine, thus avoiding any external damage. Machines such as pumping equipment are commonly known to have Read More

  • Features of Water Pump Mechanical Seal


    Mechanical seal is a device used to solve the seal between the rotating shaft and the body. It is composed of at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation under the action of the fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and the auxi Read More

  • How to Install the Double Mechanical Seal


    The double-end mechanical seal has the characteristics of short seal axial size and compact structure, so it is especially suitable for occasions where the axial size is restricted. Due to the complex structure of the double mechanical seal, high technical requirements, and strict sealing performanc Read More

  • Basic Knowledge of Metal Bellows Mechanical Seal


    The metal bellows mechanical seal is a single-end, balanced, and arbitrary-rotation metal bellows seal. Since the moving ring O-ring and flexible graphite ring can not compensate, there is no resistance to the movement of the bellows, which is suitable for high temperature and high viscosity media. Read More

  • Performance Requirements and Technical Requirements of Mechanical Seals


    This requirement applies to centrifugal pumps and other similar rotary mechanical seals. The working parameters are: working pressure is 0---1.5691MPa (referring to the actual pressure in the sealed cavity); working temperature is -20--80℃ (referring to the actual internal temperature of the sealed Read More

  • What is Double Mechanical Seals


    Compared with the single end face mechanical seal, the double mechanical seal has a better sealing performance. It is suitable for the sealing of strong corrosion, high temperature, suspended particles and fiber media, gas media, flammable, explosive, volatile, and low viscosity media, and high vacu Read More

  • Quality Inspection Process of Mechanical Seal


    The mechanical seal is a sealing device composed of two sealing elements (stationary ring and moving ring) perpendicular to the shaft, smooth and flat surfaces attached to each other, and relative rotation. It relies on the pressure of the sealing medium to generate the appropriate pressing force on Read More

  • Reasons and analysis of mechanical seal failure


    The failure of mechanical seals is generally known to people after abnormal leakage, abnormal wear, abnormal torque and other phenomena appear. The reasons for the failure are rough as follows:Four main reasons1. The sealing surface is openWhen repairing mechanical seals, 85% of seal failures are no Read More


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