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O Ring Mechanical Seals

O Ring Mechanical Seals are probably the most common fluid power seals. O Ring Mechanical Seals can prevent leaks in everything from pumps and valves to cylinders and connectors. The compact, economical components of O Ring Mechanical Seals handle both static and dynamic operations, in pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

O Ring in O Ring Mechanical Seals by mechanical deformation that creates a barrier to a fluid’s potential leak path between two closely mated surfaces. O-rings are typically installed in a groove that’s machined or molded in one of the surfaces to be sealed. Their rubber-like properties let the devices compensate for dimensional variations in the mating parts.

O Ring Mechanical Seals come in many styles and shapes. The material required depends on temperature, pressure, chemical, and other environmental factors. Materials such as EPDM, Nitrile, Buna-N, Viton, FFKM are the most common materials.

O Ring Mechanical Seals are one of the most frequently used products in sealing applications. O-rings are relatively inexpensive and reliable. Applications range from garden hose couplings to critical aerospace or chemical plant duties.

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Advantages of O Ring Mechanical Seals:

● Simple structure, small size, and compact installation position.

● With a self-sealing effect, no need to adjust periodically.

● Good sealing performance, will not leak when static sealing.

● The movement friction resistance is small, suitable for occasions where the pressure changes.

● Size and groove have been standardized, the price is cheap, the product is easy to obtain, easy to use and purchase.

● Adaptability, and a wide range of uses.

● Very good resistance to nearly all media (exceptions are alkali metals and some fluorine compounds)

● Applications in a broad range of temperatures

● Superbly suited for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

● Low contamination

● Low permeation

● Low coefficient of friction prevents the stick-slip effect

● FDA-compliant

● Cost-effective, high-performance seal for many critical application areas

O Ring Mechanical Seals Application:

O Ring Mechanical Seals are used in chemical, mechanical, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, transportation, household appliances, and other fields. Rubber O Ring Mechanical Seals are widely used in various mechanical equipment to seal in different temperatures, pressures, and media to prevent oil leakage, air leakage, water leakage and the intrusion of external environmental media and dust.

Precautions of O Ring Mechanical Seals 

● In dynamic applications

● In contact with abrasive media

● Under high pressure

● When the O-rings in O Ring Mechanical Seals are highly elongated

● When there are high press-in forces in the housing

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