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Single Mechanical Seals

A single mechanical seal consists of stationary and rotating seal faces that are made from one hard and one softer material. These two very flat surfaces are pressed together by a spring and slide against each other. 

The key design feature of a single mechanical seal is that they have only two seal rings. This means they have only one interface and no seal liquid chamber. Therefore this type of mechanical seal has to be operated either under dry conditions or it must be lubricated and cooled by the liquid product.

Mechanical seals tend to leak a vapor from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side. This fluid lubricates the seal faces and absorbs the heat generated from the associated friction, which crosses the seal faces as a liquid and vaporizes into the atmosphere. So, it's common practice to use a single mechanical seal if the pumped product poses little to no risk to the environment.

A single mechanical seal is designed for sealing the shafts of centrifugal pumps, handling crude oil, oil products, oils, organic solvents, water and water condensate, as well as aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis and other liquids (product), that do not have a corrosive effect on the seal parts.

Wen dong mechanical seals factory is a professional single mechanical seal supplier. All our single mechanical seals incorporate hydraulically balanced seal-face technology for reduced power consumption, helping our customers reduce their energy usage whilst increasing reliability.

Advantages of Single Mechanical Seal:

● Single-acting: dry-running mechanical seal for low-pressure

● Leak tightness: minimal leakage from the vessel side

● Deliverable with short heat trap at extremely high temperatures

● Suitable for sealing non-critical substances

Single Mechanical Seal Application:

● Specialty chemicals

● Formulated consumer products

● Biofuels and biorefineries

● Storage tanks

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